Brilliant New Drop Down Menus

Posted on March 18, 2016 by Heather Price

Back in October 2015 Out of the Sandbox offered their customers a free upgrade to their Responsive 5.0 theme.  This was a complete redesign of the theme, as evident from Dormouse Card's new home page.  We have a wonderful on trend widescreen layout for our slideshow and banners, plus additional content in the homepage.

One of the new aspects of the Responsive 5.0 upgrade which has kept me quite busy over the last few months is the introduction of drop down menus.  To add these to our shop, we first have to create collections and then arrange the collections in our navigation page.  This involves quite a lot of forward planning!  We wanted to differentiate between collections of cards which were similar.  For example a Badger Greetings Card could be categorized under Greetings Cards and Birthday Cards.  To create two separate collections like this, we have used prefix letters.  For example g) for Greetings Cards and b) for Birthday Cards.  Our aim is to make Dormouse Cards a lot more user friendly for our customers and make searching for a type of card, hobby or interest a lot easier.

Over the last few weeks we have been adding drop down menus to our Official Licensed Merchandise in our Branded Products collection.  We have lots of new Birthday Cards in store - Doctor Who, Minions, Angry Birds and Football Clubs including Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and West Ham.

Heather's Top Tips!   In the offline world I've been busy cleaning, one of my least favourite activities!   However, my cool new Vax steam cleaner makes some of the work more fun.  (I'm not sponsored by Vax, but I'm open to offers!).  My top tip for smear free laminate floors is to use your steam cleaner on the steam plus detergent setting and then go over the whole floor again with just steam.  This cleans away any detergent residue and leaves the floor streak free!