Summer 2016

Posted on August 30, 2016 by Heather Price

We've had a busy summer, listing the latest stock from our new suppliers.  We have recently taken delivery of a lovely batch of greetings cards from The Heart of a Garden.  Topics include dogs, horses, British and exotic wildlife.  Here's one of our favourites, an adorable baby orangutan greetings card.

In addition to these brilliant photographic greetings cards, The Heart of the Garden also supply art cards and beautiful scenic cards of the British Isles and views from around the world.  They also sell photographic greetings cards of Celtic Scotland, Cornwall and Wales - all of which we're planning to stock in the future.

Another new supplier that we're discovered this year is Museums and Galleries.  We've listed lots of lovely packs of Christmas Cards, including the one below of cute Dachshund dogs wearing Christmas jumpers!

Museums & Galleries supply the best in quality and design, including treasured designs from the Victorian & Albert Museum and galleries and museums from around the world.  We plan to stock a lot more of the their wonderful products in the future.

One great piece of news for our customers is that we have reduced our UK Postage Rate down to £1.09 when you spend up to £3.50.

Heather's Off Line World

Since my last blog I've completed the Spring Clean at my parent's house, including shampooing all the carpets.  Top tip for anyone using a carpet shampooer for the first time.  Don't get the carpet too wet or it will shrink away from the edges and off the gripper bars.  Fortunately, my brother Richard is a very handy DIY'er and installed new gripper bars and stretched the carpet back into shape!  (I'm also a keen DIY'er - but I mainly do demolition!).  I still owe Richard a cake for this DIY rescue job.

I've also been tidying up the garden / patio area at my parent's house.  I've removed thick tufts of grass off a 'tarmac' and cobbled area with a mattock.  (No one comes up to you and starts a fight, when you're using a mattock!).  I've painted a couple of garden walls and hopefully will be able to pressure wash the patio area soon, when Richard has installed a garden tap for us.   That will be another cake I owe him!

Speaking of cakes, my nephew was ten in July and requested a Legend of Zelda themed cake and family dinner party.  The cake was fairly easy - I cheated and bought a figurine for the top.  Paper plates and serviettes were a bit more challenging.  I think Legend of Zelda must be more popular in the states than the UK because I couldn't find anything sensibly prices in this country.  I improvised and bought green serviettes, green paper plates and paper cups.  We added Zelda logos to the paper cups and printed a few Zelda posters for decoration - this did the trick.  Here's the cake -

Legend of Zelda Cake

The cake itself is a chocolate cake (of course!).  I chose a Mary Berry recipe and it was without doubt the best chocolate cake I've ever made.  I'm now an even bigger fan of Mary Berry.

What's happening at Dormouse Cards?

I'm going to adding lots of new designs to The Royden Price Collection over the next few months.  I will be posting these on facebook and twitter, so please follow the links on the homepage to follow Dormouse Cards on social media.